Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finding that perfect gown

Every bride envisions herself radiant and gorgeous in that perfect gown. Of course, what that means varies from person to person, sometimes dramatically. The trick is finding what you're looking for. And, as many past brides can tell you, what you think you want at the beginning of your search doesn't always end up being what you fall in love with on your body.

A few years ago, one of my roles with a client was to go gown shopping with her. I think part of the reason was to get an objective opinion from someone she trusted but who wasn't emotionally invested in the wedding. But also to run interference with those who were emotionally invested in the decision who might also be along for an expedition. We visited at least six bridal salons together and I saw her try on more than a hundred gowns without ever finding "The One." This was proving to be harder than finding "The One" to marry!

Finally, on a second visit to a shop in Arlington to revisit the narrowed down choices with her mother and sister and niece in tow, she asked to try on a gown that had just been added to the window display. It was a stunning strapless A-line gown in diamond white with tiny crystals scattered across the bodice and skirt. This was a bride who was going to wear a simple gown, no crystals allowed, pure white, with a mermaid skirt. But she tried it on on a whim and loved it. None of us could believe it, least of all the bride. She was absolutely stunning and you could see then and on the wedding day how that gown made her feel like the most gorgeous woman in the world.

My good friend Polly Koczalka recently wrote this article that appeared in New England Bride Magazine. It has some wonderful tips on how to avoid common pitfalls when searching for your perfect gown. Check it out before you set off on your next gown finding adventure!

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