Monday, April 5, 2010

Your registry is a garden

I was browsing through a Crate & Barrel catalog this afternoon and thinking about wedding registries. I always encourage brides to register for a wide range of gifts in various prices and to check back frequently to make sure that there are still plenty of items for guests to choose from. And maybe eliminate things you have decided you don't want or need. You don't want to get a bunch of gifts which are not to your taste and (worse!) that you can't return. If you don't maintain your registry, that is exactly what you'll end up with.

On another note, when I got married years ago, I made some mistakes in my own registry, and I wanted all of you to benefit from my missteps.

First, I don't think I have ever used the martini glasses I received. It sounded great at the time, but I just don't sit around my house sipping a delicious, icy cold Cosmo. I love to indulge in one when I'm out on the town, but at home? Seriously? It just doesn't happen.

Second, my margarita glasses and fondue pot are neck in neck for second place in the least-used-registry-items race. I've had a couple of fun parties where margaritas have been served, but four glasses isn't enough for everyone and we're usually on the beach or wandering around the yard. Not exactly conducive to long-stemmed glassware. And the fondue pot. Again, seriously?

In place of all of this glassware, I should have gotten 12 or 16 wine glasses. Those would be well used at a cocktail or dinner party. And some champagne glasses, too. I only registered for crystal flutes and at $85 each I usually don't want those out for an evening heavy on the cocktails. And Prosecco is a frequent visitor to my house for book group and other ladies' nights.

My other major registry mistake was with linens. I got some really cute stuff, which I still love. Several sets of matching place mats and napkins in both spring/summer and winter/fall colors. The problem is that I only got 4 of each. So, there's me, my husband and now our three kids. That's not even enough for our family, let alone any guests. So, my advice: go ahead and get 8-12 of any linen you like.

I was thinking about this all at a dinner party I had a week or so ago with my godmother and her husband and we were talking about bridal showers. Looking around my own dinner table, many of the dishes, serving pieces and glassware were registry items that we still love and use. Some on a daily basis. So, plan your registry carefully, tend to it like a garden throughout your engagement, and it will bring you many wonderful things you can treasure for years to come.

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