Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bachelor Wedding

I tuned in eagerly to watch Jason and Molly's wedding last night. It was spectacular.The flowers! The gown! The ballroom with lighting and trees decked with flowering branches! Too bad about the rain.

Can you imagine standing out in the pouring rain, your hair and gown getting soaked (not to mention your guests!) while you exchange vows? Ugh. What happened? Why didn't they have a rain plan?

An outdoor wedding can be wonderful. And there is nothing more personal than having your wedding at your home. I've coordinated beach weddings, garden weddings and weddings on lawns overlooking the ocean. I've also had to move weddings inside or set up a last minute rain tent. What I have not done is sent a bride and groom out into the rain for their ceremony. We always have a backup plan. You just cannot plan an outdoor wedding without one. It's asking for trouble.

There are always unforeseen hiccups in a wedding. And that's why you work with a planner: so that someone else can handle these problems as they arise and you, the bride, groom or family of the happy couple, can enjoy your special day.

The moral of the story: plan for the unexpected.

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